Holiday Bow Dress

This year for our holiday photos I decided I just had to cover a dress entirely in colorful gift bows.  I found a cheap green velvet dress, ironed in some interfacing for stability, then hot glued every single bow on one by one.

I’m pretty sure it’s my calling in life to make and wear crazy colorful dresses. And for Cliffpro to wear cool vests.  Just look at our wedding photos.  Speaking of photos, these were all taken by the super-awesome-wonderfully-amazing Marisa of Sassy Mouth Photo.  And my hair and makeup was done by the also super-awesome-wonderfully-amazing Stephanie and Jess of Larissa Lake Makeup Artist. Seriously, it’s pretty cool to have all this talent around me to make my stuff look even better!

(And don’t miss the bridal bow dress I made for Bliss Bridal in Cheshire, CT!)

Glittersaurus: Glitter Dinosaur Ornaments // Five Weeks of Glitter – Week Two

Today some of my sparkly prehistoric friends are enjoying a scenic winter wonderland as they prepare for the holidays.

Want to make some of your own? Just grab some small figurines, brush on some white glue, sprinkle with glitter, and TaDa! Shiny!  Feel free to embellish with props and/or glue on small ornament caps.

DIY Glitter Sticks // Five Weeks of Glitter – Week One

To kick off this holiday season right, I’m starting the “Five Weeks of Glitter” –  from now until Christmas I’ll be posting something glitter related every week.  Who doesn’t love that?

Let’s start with an easy tutorial, shall we? DIY Glitter Sticks!

All you’ll need is a small candle (with something to light it!), some needle nose pliers, a small eye dropper & funnel, clear plastic straws, and some glitter!

Step One: Light your candle.

Step Two: While holding one end of the straw with the pliers, melt it slightly by holding it close to the flame (this will only take a moment!). Once the end is melty (very technical term), clamp with the pliers to seal the end.

Step 3: Using a small funnel attached to an eye dropper (or other small funnel-like object), pour in the glitter until the straw is almost full.

Step Four: Repeat Step Two with the opposite end of the straw.

Step 5: Use all the colors!

Easy peasy, right? Stay tuned for Week 2!

Happy Everything // Minted Inspiration Board Challenge

Happy Everything by Jessica, see more

Happy Everything board by Jessica. See more

After spending some time on this Inspiration Board Challenge hosted by Minted, I have just two questions.

1. Why don’t I have a pretty bowl full of ribbon candy to hold? and 2. Who is the Casillas family?

Crayon Making Party

We recently had a crayon making party!

It was a colorful mess of fun. You should try it sometime.