Ice Cream for Breakfast

When I was little I always used to ask my mom if I could have ice cream for breakfast.

She usually said no.

But now I’m old enough to decide on my own.

So I usually say yes.

And I like to add lots of sprinkles.

Mmm. Breakfast of Champions.

Share the Love

Close your eyes.

Now think of one unexpected thing that really makes you smile, like finding a lucky penny on the street or discovering a love note in your lunch box.

To share this kind of love, simply download and print these lovely signs, or even better, make your own! Then post them around your town, at work, in the bathroom, or wherever else you think someone could use a smile.

When I first saw Katie North‘s “Take What You Need” sign, I was immediately inspired to make my own version.  But then I started thinking about other things people may need, so I  came up with the “Wish Upon a Star” sign, too!