An Ode to the Color Green

“Green is the prime color of the world, and that from which its loveliness arises”

– Pedro Calderon de la Barca

LoveColorful_Green_0006When I was little my favorite color on the whole wide world was green.

LoveColorful_Green_0005I loved it so much I had a green collection.

LoveColorful_Green_0004It was a green box where I kept all my green treasures.

LoveColorful_Green_0002 I was so dedicated to my favorite color, that one day I was at the dollar store with my grandparents and I saw a green toilet brush. I wanted it only because it was green.

LoveColorful_Green_0003And yes, they bought it for me.

LoveColorful_Green_0007Need further proof of my devotion? Check out 3-year-old me (decked out in my green overalls!):


hope [\ˈhōp\]

n. the feeling that what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out for the best

v.  to look forward to with desire and reasonable confidence; to believe, desire, or trust

Last week I was super excited to receive my Band4Hope in the mail.  It travelled all the way from Australia just to get to me.


Band4Hope is a non-profit social project that encourages kindness and raises money for various charities.

“The Band4Hope Project is an innovate not-for-profit social enterprise which exists to encourage acts of kindness [Actions4Hope] and raise funds and awareness for charities through travelling, trackable wristbands called Band4Hopes.

Band4Hopes are ethically handcrafted copper and zinc wrist bands from Africa.

Each one is engraved with a unique ID which enables them to be passed from person to person and tracked online, spreading hope by encouraging people to do Actions4Hope [acts of kindness] and raising donations for your chosen charity for years to come.”

LoveColorful_Band4Hope_0002LoveColorful_Band4Hope_0003You can follow the Love Colorful Hope Trail at

Want to start your own Band4Hope trail? Go to

Let’s all do some good, ok?

LoveColorful_Band4Hope_0004#band4hope #actions4hope #ihopethatinmylifetime #4hope #pic4hope

Valentine’s Day Ribbon Garland

It’s that time of year when love is in the air, so what better way to celebrate than with a lovely little craft?


Here’s a simple DIY garland that’s super easy and quick to make.

LoveColorful_ValentineGarland_0001Basically all you need is a piece of twine and some small pieces of fabric/ribbon/felt/etc. (A great way to use up some scraps!) Tie a loop at each end of the twine, then fill in the length of it by tying on each ribbon.

LoveColorful_ValentineGarland_0005Want to use your garland to hold the cute valentine’s you’ll be getting from all your secret admirers?

LoveColorful_ValentineGarland_0002Glitter one side of a plain clothespin, then embellish with some festive stickers.

LoveColorful_ValentineGarland_0006Once the clothespins are dry, use them to hang up your cards!


LoveColorful_ValentineGarland_0004This would also work really well for any holiday or celebration – just change up the colors! You could also hang pieces of chipboard or letters or other little trinkets to customize for any theme or occasion.


Sunday Socks

What better way to spend a Sunday afternoon with Cliffpro than taking pictures of our socks?

They are, after all, quite magical.

LoveColorful_SundaySocks_0001 LoveColorful_SundaySocks_0004 LoveColorful_SundaySocks_0002 LoveColorful_SundaySocks_0003


Business Cards (v2.0)

So obviously a new design for the site meant I had to get another stamp to make my business cards.  I still love the overall design concept of version 1, but the stamp I had made was a little hard to work with, so I usually ended up with just as many duds as I did legible ones.  This time I went with the rubber stamp masters, Man, these guys know how to do a rubber stamp right! It’s pretty to look at and stamps like a dream, AND after doing a few test prints, I didn’t have a single bad one.  You go RubberStamps.Net!  Oh, and they’re really reasonably priced. Can’t beat that.

And no, they didn’t pay me to say any of this. Ya’ll can just see for yourselves how fantastic these cards came out:

LoveColorful_V2BusinessCards_0001 LoveColorful_V2BusinessCards_0002 LoveColorful_V2BusinessCards_0003 LoveColorful_V2BusinessCards_0004 LoveColorful_V2BusinessCards_0005 LoveColorful_V2BusinessCards_0006 LoveColorful_V2BusinessCards_0007 LoveColorful_V2BusinessCards_0008