A Love Colorful Photo Shoot

So something pretty fantastic went down in the Sassy Space a couple of weeks ago.  A LOVE COLORFUL PHOTO SHOOT dedicated to color, glitter, and confetti!

To help me execute my dream day I had like the bestest team of people ever: Marisa from Sassy Mouth Photography is responsible for all the fancy photos you’re about to see, and Stephanie & Jess from Larissa Lake Makeup Artist dolled me up and made me all sparkly.

We came up with three different looks/concepts: one bright & playful, one more sparkly & magical, and the last an all out color explosion!  I love each one in its own special way and I couldn’t pick a favorite even if I tried.

Overall it was one of the most fun, creative, awesome days of my life, and I couldn’t have asked for a better group of people to spend it with. A big, big thank you to Marisa, TJ, Stephanie, Jess, and Clifford!

*I also want to give a special shout-out to Madeline from OH MY GEMINI for helping me with some inspiration for the shoot. She also gave me those super duper blue earrings you’ll see in the first look photos. This girl knows how I like my bold colors!

**And a super special thank you goes out to Flutter Fetti Confetti for supplying me with some pretty rad confetti wands!! If you’re ever in need of a little something something to take your next party or event to a new level of FUN, check out their stuff! We had such a blast using the wands…maybe even a little too much fun! (hah, never!)

Look 1

LoveColorful_Love-Colorful-Photo-Shoot_0001 LoveColorful_Love-Colorful-Photo-Shoot_0002 LoveColorful_Love-Colorful-Photo-Shoot_0003 LoveColorful_Love-Colorful-Photo-Shoot_0004 LoveColorful_Love-Colorful-Photo-Shoot_0005Look 2

LoveColorful_Love-Colorful-Photo-Shoot_0006 LoveColorful_Love-Colorful-Photo-Shoot_0007 LoveColorful_Love-Colorful-Photo-Shoot_0008Look 3

LoveColorful_Love-Colorful-Photo-Shoot_0009 LoveColorful_Love-Colorful-Photo-Shoot_0010 LoveColorful_Love-Colorful-Photo-Shoot_0011 LoveColorful_Love-Colorful-Photo-Shoot_0012 LoveColorful_Love-Colorful-Photo-Shoot_0013 LoveColorful_Love-Colorful-Photo-Shoot_0014 LoveColorful_Love-Colorful-Photo-Shoot_0015Want to see an added bonus?? Marisa & TJ made an awesome behind the scenes video of some of the shots! Check it out here.

OMG + LOVE: Friendship Bracelets featuring Madeline from OH MY GEMINI

Boy oh boy do I have a treat here for you guys – Madeline from OH MY GEMINI is joining us today to share some incredibly wonderful/amazing/fun/unique/colorful/awesome friendship bracelets!

For those of you who have sadly not had the pleasure of discovering Maddie’s world over at OMG yet, I demand you go HERE right now and take a little look around.  She shares everything from anecdotes to fashion tips to cool, crafty stuff and everything in between.  She constantly inspires me and I could not feel any luckier to have her as my fellow creative, glitter-loving blogger soulmate! If only you guys could read some of the emails we write back and forth!! Hah I just love her fearless, uninhibited, engaging style and know all of you will love her, too.


So without any further ado, I give you over to Madeline!


Hi Friends of Love Colorful! It’s Madeline here from OH MY GEMINI.. a place that is my world of style, tufted, glitter, diy, awkward (just like, in general), funny stories, everything having to do with my two poodles… and anything that falls between any of the random, aforementioned categories… I am shaking-in-my-boots-excited to be here on Love Colorful. It is a serious treat and I can’t wait to share with you what I’ve made for my dear friend :)

The idea was that Jess and I would design and create friendship bracelets to be featured on each other’s blog. awesome. Jessica got a head start and shared her bracelets with me during one of our inspiration outings (at IKEA.. I’ll touch upon that later), at which point I sort of fainted… like, fell out of my seat on to the floor. Not really, but in my head I did. They were so intricate.. so beautiful… so .. TINY. Every little stitch was completed with multitudes of care and crazy attention to detail. AND THEN- she embellished them with all sorts of awesome ish! wahh! Basically, Jessica is like the cat’s meow of friendship bracelets, and everything else.. but you already knew that.

Just to note, whilst at IKEA, I made a crazy impulse buy. Just a bed frame. that’s all. It was this really great shabby-chic bed frame that I just decided the night before I had to have.. and then I drove my small-ish car to IKEA, just assuming it would fit. Your girl, Jessica… super. star. to. the. max. degree… She helped me hoist heavy boxes off of shelves onto my cart, then through my trunk, behind my seats, on my roof.. ’til we figured it out.. you get the point. She saved my IKEA life, and for that, and her sweet friendship, I am eternally grateful. My friendship bracelets for Jessica were going to be the bees knees.. and there was no question.

I made a date with some embroidery thread, tape, beads, and my counter. Oh, yes, and google. I figured I would simply channel my 8 year old, lanyard weaving, camp-going, self.. but when my multiple attempts at maneuvering tiny threads into awesome chevrons failed miserably I went to plan B. aka, my boyfriend Jordan. The scary part is that when I turned to him, frustrated, demanding that he weave my friendship bracelets he just sort of went for it. I was joking when I asked.. but, there he was, leaving his coding work by the wayside, and instead, looping, twirling, twisting and knotting the most beautiful creations I have ever seen. I mean, perfect stitches. scary. perfect. stitches. I was 40% pissed that he picked it up so gracefully, 20% annoyed that I had given up, 10% confused at the overall scene happening at my kitchen counter, and the rest of the percent (too lazy), feeling like a hoax. I put my hand over his nimble fingers, mid-stitch, and said, “stop. This isn’t right.” I was going to have to do this myself.. as apposed to hiding behind Jordan’s embroidery thread bracelet-making talents. I decided to abandon google, shed the thread, and move up to my office with my oodles of random materials and supplies. This was going to be a series of friendship bracelets like nobody has ever seen. These were for a special, colorful gal and these were going to be, OMG, made with LOVE. I think I blacked out, and when I came to, I had a stack of bracelets in front of me with a combination of ingredients ranging from tulle, pink chain, multi-colored tassel, disco ball toggle, vintage charms, antique trim, and some seriously large lobster clasps. Around me were spools of colorful tulle and jump rings, handfuls of disconnected vintage jewelry (which i love to up-cycle), and balls of tangled embroidery thread. Ok That’s more like it. sigh. I did it!

LoveColorful_OMG Friendship Bracelets_0000

Jess- how you pulled off your intricately, perfectly stitched & embellished bracelets, one will never know.. but I CANNOT wait to wear them with pride, and maybe even pretend that I, myself, stitched them. just kidding I’d never do that. well, maybe just one.

Thank you to the moon and back for introducing me to your lovely audience, for your friendship, for your time, for these charming bracelets, and for all that’s to come. I am LOVE COLORFUL pumped!

OMG + LOVE COLORFUL = insert rotating glitter heart that pops out of screen and hugs readers a million times.


See? Aren’t those absolutely fantastic?! So creative and unique – I’m loving all the different materials she used! That super colorful tassel?? Um, hello? LOVE IT!  (If you want to check out the bracelets I made for Madeline, check ’em out here!)

And don’t worry, we have a lot more fun stuff planned in the works that puts our two crazy minds together, so this won’t be the last time you see some OMG goodness up in here. :)

(Oh, and don’t forget to go be friends with OH MY GEMINI on Facebook and follow on Twitter! You’ll be glad you did. Promise.)

LOVE Giveaway! (CLOSED)

Hey! Guess what?? There’s an awesome giveaway going on here!

Here at Love Colorful I believe in Love, in all its definitions and forms. So why not show it a little?

LoveColorful_Love Giveaway_0001 LoveColorful_Love Giveaway_0002

LoveColorful_Love Giveaway_0003To enter to win this set of 4 handmade glitter resin rings that spell out “L❤VE” simply leave a comment below with how and/or why you like to share love.  It can be as simple as replacing an empty roll of toilet paper (which I totally do, btw) or as big as having started up a charity to raise money for a good cause.

(It would also be kind of nice of you to like the Love Colorful Facebook page, but this isn’t necessary to win)

Comments must be in by midnight EST on Thursday February 28th. A winner will be chosen on Friday, March 1st. :)

(Giveaway open to US & CAN Residents)


UPDATE (3/1/13)

CONGRATULATIONS to Michelle P. for being our lucky winner!!

Thanks to all of you who shared how you show the love, though. You’re all so gosh darn sweet :)

Lisa Frank is Totally Rad!

Was there really ever any question that Lisa Frank is basically my hero?  I mean come on – check out all that COLOR.

Plus I grew up in the 90s.  Enough said.

LoveColorful_Lisa Frank_0001 LoveColorful_Lisa Frank_0003 LoveColorful_Lisa Frank_0002

LoveColorful_Lisa Frank_0005Yes, I even belonged to the Lisa Frank Fan Club! Think my membership card is still valid??

LoveColorful_Lisa Frank_0004

I can still remember the day it came in the mail. My brother and his friend were playing Zombies Ate My Neighbors on the SNES.

Good times.

10 Things I Learned from the Little Giants

So I’m not really any sort of sports fan, but in honor of the superbowl I thought I should post something just a little bit festive, and it just so happens that one of the greatest movies of all time centers on he game of football.

LoveColorful_Little Giants_0002

For those of you who sadly aren’t familiar with this piece of cinematic genius from the mid ’90s, Little Giants is a feel-good movie about a group of “misfit” kids who, after not making their town’s elite pee-wee football team, form their own.

LoveColorful_Little Giants_0007

The real kicker? The two coaches are brothers! Hah.

LoveColorful_Little Giants_0003Ok, if you haven’t already seen it, I strongly suggest you do because I can in no way do full justice to the amazingness that is this movie.

I will, however, share with you 10 things I have learned from it:

1. Spike don’t play with girls

LoveColorful_Little Giants_0004

2.  They put names on the back of jerseys so the guys at the morgue can identify the bodies

3. Best way to describe an unfortunate situation? “Somebody put a turd in the punch bowl”

4. Don’t be talkin’ ’bout Jake’s Momma

LoveColorful_Little Giants_0006

5. It’s super funny to to refer to getting kicked as “holding a pound of Aunt Betty’s nut butter”

6. Mr. Lorenzo, the school janitor, has very hairy ears

7.  Even if they beat you 99 times of of 100, that still leaves one time

LoveColorful_Little Giants_0010

8. If you eat puffed Cheetos as opposed to crunchy, you’re a wimp

9. Football is 80% mental and 40% physical

LoveColorful_Little Giants_0005

10. (and probably the most important) You’ll never get anywhere in life treating your helmet like a lunchbox

LoveColorful_Little Giants_0009