Some Cake Pops!

Here’s a little preview of some of the cake pops I’ve done recently!  I like to pick a theme, then match everything to it – from the cake flavor to the decorating to the packaging.  Because let’s be honest, what’s more fun than having your own personal piece of cake? :)

If you’re in the CT area and would like to inquire about some for a special event, feel free to contact me! {}


write it down and link it up

Joelle from Something Charming is hosting a handwriting link up this week, so I thought I’d give it a go.  The rules were to write down your name & signature, website, location, and a favorite quote.


*A handy trick to practice different handwriting styles is to find a font / image / doodle you like on the computer, them print it out and trace it over and over until it feels comfortable.


Write it Down

Happy Birthday, Love Colorful!

Let’s celebrate with a delicious cupcake…Cupcake Ipsum that is!

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Clifford’s Bathroom of Birthday Awesomeness

For Clifford’s birthday this year the toiletries and I got together and decided to throw him an awesome bathroom birthday party.  I can’t even take all of the credit though – it was the toothpaste’s idea.