Business Cards (v2.0)

So obviously a new design for the site meant I had to get another stamp to make my business cards.  I still love the overall design concept of version 1, but the stamp I had made was a little hard to work with, so I usually ended up with just as many duds as I did legible ones.  This time I went with the rubber stamp masters, Man, these guys know how to do a rubber stamp right! It’s pretty to look at and stamps like a dream, AND after doing a few test prints, I didn’t have a single bad one.  You go RubberStamps.Net!  Oh, and they’re really reasonably priced. Can’t beat that.

And no, they didn’t pay me to say any of this. Ya’ll can just see for yourselves how fantastic these cards came out:

LoveColorful_V2BusinessCards_0001 LoveColorful_V2BusinessCards_0002 LoveColorful_V2BusinessCards_0003 LoveColorful_V2BusinessCards_0004 LoveColorful_V2BusinessCards_0005 LoveColorful_V2BusinessCards_0006 LoveColorful_V2BusinessCards_0007 LoveColorful_V2BusinessCards_0008