Valentine’s Day Ribbon Garland

It’s that time of year when love is in the air, so what better way to celebrate than with a lovely little craft?


Here’s a simple DIY garland that’s super easy and quick to make.

LoveColorful_ValentineGarland_0001Basically all you need is a piece of twine and some small pieces of fabric/ribbon/felt/etc. (A great way to use up some scraps!) Tie a loop at each end of the twine, then fill in the length of it by tying on each ribbon.

LoveColorful_ValentineGarland_0005Want to use your garland to hold the cute valentine’s you’ll be getting from all your secret admirers?

LoveColorful_ValentineGarland_0002Glitter one side of a plain clothespin, then embellish with some festive stickers.

LoveColorful_ValentineGarland_0006Once the clothespins are dry, use them to hang up your cards!


LoveColorful_ValentineGarland_0004This would also work really well for any holiday or celebration – just change up the colors! You could also hang pieces of chipboard or letters or other little trinkets to customize for any theme or occasion.