Sis Boom Clip Art Series: Striped Heart Tree

Hey everyone! Happy Friday! You know what that means – a brand new Sis Boom Clip Art project!!

LoveColorful_Striped Heart Tree_0001This week we’re using Sis Boom’s Striped Hearts Clip Art files to make a quick & colorful decoration.

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A similar idea to the Sequin Flower Tree we made a couple of weeks ago, this one is just as easy!

LoveColorful_Striped Heart Tree_0002First glitter your Styrofoam tree – just use some white glue and any color glitter that tickles your fancy.

Follow the instructions in this Confetti Heart Charm Bracelet post for printing your striped heart digital files on Shrinky Dink paper. (Remember to make sure it is the kind that can be used in an inkjet printer!)

Then cut our your hearts, shrink ’em in the oven, and use some colored straight pins to attach them to the tree – just like putting ornaments on!

LoveColorful_Striped Heart Tree_0004

LoveColorful_Striped Heart Tree_0003Imagine making a few of these in all different colors and sizes and decorating your mantle! Great for Valentine’s Day, but also just for a happy, colorful room accent that would be perfect any day of the year!

Check back here next Friday for one more take on a Sis Boom Clip Art tree!