DIY Confetti Frames

So most of you know I’ve been keeping pretty busy over at The Confetti Bar, so while I work on building up a better Love Colorful, I thought I’d bring you an easy little DIY.

Love Colorful_Confetti Frames_0004Looking for a bold, colorful piece of home or office decor? What could be better than a bunch of pretty little frames filled with fun confetti?

Love Colorful_Confetti Frames_0001To start you’ll need a picture frame, piece of paper/card stock in the same size, and some confetti!

Love Colorful_Confetti Frames_0002Turn the frame upside down, with the glass still in place. Pour some confetti in, and flatten down to fill the frame. (How much confetti you use will depend on the size of your frame and how “full” you’d like it to appear.) Place your piece of paper over the confetti, and replace the frame backing. (You may have to push down to flatten some of the confetti pieces and get the frame to close!)

Love Colorful_Confetti Frames_0006Ta-da! It’s that easy to make such a statement piece!

Love Colorful_Confetti Frames_0003

Love Colorful_Confetti Frames_0005You can get all sorts of crazy with mixing up confetti colors and background patterns. Try glitter paper in a coordinating (or contrasting!) color, or maybe even a funky pattern. And custom confetti? Well that will just make things a whole lot more fun!

Imagine a whole gallery wall filled with these beauties in all different colors and sizes. Now that would be a real party.