Sis Boom Clip Art Series: Faux Lighted Mirror

Hey everyone! I’ve got a super quick & simple project for today’s Sis Boom Clip Art Series: A Faux Lighted Mirror!

LoveColorful_Faux Lighted Mirror_0007For this project we’ll be using Sis Boom’s Glitter Garland Circles


All you’ll need is this clip art file, some scissors, and adhesive dots.

LoveColorful_Faux Lighted Mirror_0001Start by printing out the clip art onto glossy photo paper and cutting out each circle.

LoveColorful_Faux Lighted Mirror_0002Grab some adhesive dots, adhere to the back of the circles, and start sticking! It’s as easy as that!!

LoveColorful_Faux Lighted Mirror_0005 LoveColorful_Faux Lighted Mirror_0006

LoveColorful_Faux Lighted Mirror_0004If you want your mirror to have a more “authentic” look of lights, you can choose to just use the gold glitter circles. Line the top of your mirror with the large circles to simulate vanity lights. (You can even line the bottom with the small or large dots if you want!)

LoveColorful_Faux Lighted Mirror_0003Or you can use just pink, or alternate between the two colors. They could also just be used as a decorative border around a mirror – the possibilities are endless!