Sis Boom Clip Art Series: Spring Placecard Holders

Hey everyone! For this week’s Sis Boom Clip Art Series I’ve got a quick & easy project that’s perfect to jazz up your Easter table!

LoveColorful_Spring Placecard Holders_0005Featuring:


For this project, you will need:

LoveColorful_Spring Placecard Holders_0001Sis Boom Spring Eggs Clip Art file (printed out on glossy photo paper with names added  – you can do this digitally before you print, or use a permanent marker/stickers to add them in after)

-empty toilet paper rolls

-colored paper

-hot glue

-Easter grass

-tissue paper, ribbon, and assorted candies/confetti/trinkets

LoveColorful_Spring Placecard Holders_0002

Start by cutting out a piece of colored paper to fit around the TP roll. Add a strip of hot glue where you start, and some where you finish so the paper completely covers the roll.  Use a variety of colors to match your decor!

LoveColorful_Spring Placecard Holders_0003Next take some Easter grass and hot glue some to one side of the roll.  (and cut out your eggs!)

LoveColorful_Spring Placecard Holders_0004Glue your eggs on next!

LoveColorful_Spring Placecard Holders_0011

LoveColorful_Spring Placecard Holders_0008Take a piece of decorative tissue paper and fill with an assortment of treats and confetti. Roll it up, tie both ends with some ribbon, and you’re good to go! How easy was that? :)

LoveColorful_Spring Placecard Holders_0007

LoveColorful_Spring Placecard Holders_0010Be sure to tune in on Fridays for more Sis Boom Clip Art projects!