DIY Glow in the Dark Glitter Snowflakes // Five Weeks of Glitter – Week Five

Imagine my surprise when I discovered there is such a thing as glow in the dark glitter. Yup, that’s right. GLOW IN THE DARK. Just when you all thought glitter couldn’t get any more fantastic, they went and did this.¬†Genius I tell you.

And since it’s currently snowing outside my window, what better way to celebrate than with some sparkly, glow in the dark snowflakes! Super easy and super awesome!

LoveColorful_Glow Glitter Snowflakes_0001 LoveColorful_Glow Glitter Snowflakes_0004

Simply start by cutting out some paper snowflakes. You can choose to either do this by hand (just Google ‘diy paper snowflakes’) or using some type of cutting device. My Cricut has been kind of sad and neglected, so I took a few new cartridges for a spin.

LoveColorful_Glow Glitter Snowflakes_0013

Next you’ll need some spray adhesive & some glow in the dark glitter.

LoveColorful_Glow Glitter Snowflakes_0005

On a piece of scrap paper or cardboard, spray one side of the snowflake with the spray glue.

LoveColorful_Glow Glitter Snowflakes_0006

Then coat that side with glitter. Repeat on other side set aside to let dry for a few minutes.

LoveColorful_Glow Glitter Snowflakes_0007

Want to hear some more great news?? You can add the glow in the dark glitter to other colors! Just mix about equal parts of colored glitter and glow glitter!

LoveColorful_Glow Glitter Snowflakes_0008

Finish by punching a small hole and tie on some fishing line so you can hang them up!

LoveColorful_Glow Glitter Snowflakes_0009

So now they look pretty cool in the light, all sparkly and colorful, but the awesomeness happens when you turn off all the lights…

LoveColorful_Glow Glitter Snowflakes_0011

LoveColorful_Glow Glitter Snowflakes_0010Crazy cool, right?! (And no, these pictures aren’t enhanced – that’s full on natural glow right there!)

LoveColorful_Glow Glitter Snowflakes_0012

Happy Winter!